Human Resources

Establishing modern and insightful HR management.

Acquire the best tools for managing your employees' records

The effective management of employee-related information is critical to strategic decision-making. Often, managing employee records can be tedious. Moreover, these records often contain incomplete or incorrect data.

InTalent can help you stand out from the competition by analyzing your data and by producing reports that facilitate access to this amount of strategic information.

Personalized solutions for challenges related to onboarding, managing employee files, and producing reports on KPIs

  • Implementation of onboarding software
  • Web portal configuration for applicant or employee
  • Improved employee experience through self-service portal
  • Data analysis and creation of your workforce dashboards
  • Design and configuration of fully computerized employee files
  • Integration of employee records into your payroll system

Applicant Attraction Tools Diagnostic

Analyze all facets of the recruitment process and provide innovative ways of improvement.



An agile, creative and efficient firm.


Expertise in HR and IT

All our consultants have extensive experience in the field of human resources as well as a sound knowledge of systems, which allows them to interact easily with both the HR and the IT department.


Innovative Solutions

We combine best HR practices with new, effective technologies, and a good dose of creativity, to provide you with solutions that are truly innovative and unique.


Certified Team

Our experts at InTalent undergo extensive training on an ongoing basis and are certified to implement and integrate leading-edge HR systems, including Oracle HCM and Cornerstone.


Agile Process

Each project is unique. We plan each one of them with extreme care and adapt ourselves to any changes or new demands that may come up.


Knowledge Transfer

Sharing knowledge is a crucial element of a successful project. We make sure your team makes full use of the new tools by providing them with training, documentation and support.


Strategic Partnerships

Our status as Oracle and Cornerstone partner makes us the ideal intermediary between yourself and your service provider. Do you have specific requests concerning your HR systems? We will promptly make them known to your provider.


Let us help you carry out your project