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InTalent, Human Capital Solutions

About InTalent

Founded in 2013, InTalent — Human Capital Solutions, assists companies in elaborating strategies and deploying technological solutions related to the process of human resource management.

InTalent is:

  • A team of bilingual HR professionals certified by the best Human Capital Management (HCM) technologies available on the market.
  • A team of experts with many years of HRMS implementation experience.
  • An agile and flexible team characterized by the introduction of best practices in HR and in technology.
  • An unwavering, solution-oriented team that shares its clients’ passion for achieving success.

Our Mission

Foster innovation, agility and operational excellence through the introduction of innovative HR solutions.

Our Difference

InTalent — Human Capital Solutions assists companies in elaborating strategies and deploying technological solutions related to the process of human resource management.

Meet our team


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An agile, creative and efficient firm.


Expertise in HR and IT

All our consultants have extensive experience in the field of human resources as well as a sound knowledge of systems, which allows them to interact easily with both the HR and the IT department.


Innovative Solutions

We combine best HR practices with new, effective technologies, and a good dose of creativity, to provide you with solutions that are truly innovative and unique.


Certified Team

Our experts at InTalent undergo extensive training on an ongoing basis and are certified to implement and integrate leading-edge HR systems, including Oracle HCM and Cornerstone.


Agile Process

Each project is unique. We plan each one of them with extreme care and adapt ourselves to any changes or new demands that may come up.


Knowledge Transfer

Sharing knowledge is a crucial element of a successful project. We make sure your team makes full use of the new tools by providing them with training, documentation and support.


Strategic Partnerships

Our status as Oracle and Cornerstone partner makes us the ideal intermediary between yourself and your service provider. Do you have specific requests concerning your HR systems? We will promptly make them known to your provider.

I would like to highlight the great work InTalent did for our team during the past month. The team was able to establish connections between the various systems/intervening parties, and to do so in a timely manner. We had to produce sizeable and complex deliverables within a limited time frame, which would have been difficult to achieve without their contribution.

S. L., PMP

Project Manager at Telecon


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